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Montreal Residential Cleaners cleaning special

Montreal Residential Cleaners Offer a Professional Clean!

mcr-logo-square-flat480We provide quality cleaning services to Montreal residents to make their home sanitary and spotless. If you don’t have the time… no problem! We are bonded, insured and qualified and we are here to help you.

Sonya, with her many years of experience, and her hand-picked staff are available to help you get that perfect glow to your home. She sets the standards that guide her Montreal maid service. Based on a model that she created herself from years of cleaning know-how, she has taken the cleaning business to a whole new level by adding a unique personal touch.

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There are many benefits to using a professional cleaning service such as:

  • You will have improved peace of mind!
  • You will free yourself from the drudgery of housework!
  • You will make life easier and simpler for yourself!
  • You will enjoy the cleanliness of your home without the hassle!
  • Your home will be a very clean great place to live!

Montreal home cleaning—with expertise, professionalism and quality of service

Having been active for a number of years in the field of residential housekeeping herself, Sonya decided it was time to take what she learned and create her very own team of quality professional cleaners. Montreal Residential Cleaners is the result of that effort—the best cleaning services in Montreal. Since its inception, it has become a huge success simply by word of mouth referrals. Sonya is proud of her years in the cleaning service and hopes to count you among one of her brand new satisfied customers.

Montreal Residential Cleaners team of housekeepers and cleaning ladies are always available to discuss your specific need or concerns. Ensuring they we will always meet your expectations. Trained not only in cleaning but in customer service, Sonya’s team is ready to offer quality service to its clients.

The cleanliness of your home is our commitment to you, providing quality service is our passion

Realizing that health concerns such as allergies was an important factor for some of our clients, we decided that it was in the best interests of our clients to provide their own cleaning materials. This is also more practical because clients have preferred smells and cleaning agents that they have grown accustomed to.

We do have products and cleaning kits available to purchase if you do not have any of your own, will be offering them on-line in the near future as an alternative choice.

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Together, we can change the world through small efforts towards sustainability. Clean homes helps improve the environment.